Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Information for the Texas Gulf Coast, Inshore and Offshore

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Articles and Tips

New   "Know Your Catch"  Now that it's almost March, springtime fishing patterns will be upon us before we know it. And these next three months mark the prime period of the year for chasing speckled trout. Anglers who fish the most often and the longest will definitely benefit the most during this period. But you can greatly enhance your chances at positive catching results should you learn to study the data available to us today surrounding that of the life patterns and natural practices of the speckled trout.

New   Rigging a Blue Crab for Bait: Blue Crab make a great bait for Bull Reds, Black Drum, and many other offshore reef and bottom species. The annual Drum run starts in late February and the big bruisers can be caught on into June. These big fish are fun to catch and big Black Drum love munching on Blue Crab and here's how to rig them.

New   Some Basics For Rigging Live Baitfish: Fishing with live baitfish is another one of those highly appetizing menu items for many popular inshore species, such as Speckled Trout, Redfish and Flounder. There are just a couple of ways to rig baitfish in order to put them on the dinner plate for your favorite fish. Let's look at some of the various rigging methods that can be used when using live baitfish.

New   Some Basics For Rigging Live Bait Shrimp: Live shrimp ranks extremely high on the menu for many popular inshore species, such as Speckled Trout, Redfish and Flounder. Suspending your shrimp under a popping cork, wanting more distance out of your cast, can this be done using the same rig as for free-lining? Follow along as we discuss various rigging methods that can be used when using live shrimp for bait.

New   Some Basics About Popping Cork Rigs: Fishing with a popping cork is one of the simplest methods for catching Speckled Trout and Redfish in saltwater. Popping corks are the main hardware in a surface fishing rig that uses sight and sound to attract fish to your lures or baits. Popping corks are also an excellent choice when water visibility is on the murky side and your baits need a little helping hand to increase their effectiveness.

Crab Bullet    Chumming Up Some Fishing Action: Chumming is a very effective way of attracting fish into the vicinity of a baited hook, and of delaying the passage of passing fish so that you can place baits in front of them. It can also be used to encourage fish to feed when they otherwise might not.

Crab Bullet   An Estuary is...  A coastal area where fresh water from rivers and streams mixes with salt water from the ocean. Texas has over 500 miles of coastline. The many bayous, bays, and lagoons along the Texas Coast are estuaries.

Crab Bullet    Ethical Angling, Catch and Release Fishing: Many recreational anglers assume that their impact on the resource is negligible since they only take a few fish. Some the fisheries with high sport harvest include Bluefish, Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. It is especially important to release undersized fish so they have a chance to mature, reproduce, and replenish the stock. Additionally, after you've kept the fish you intend to eat and your trophy fish, carefully releasing the rest will help ensure conservation of stocks for the future.

Crab Bullet   Tips for Teaching Kids to Fish: A question often asked is - How do I get my kids more involved in fishing and the outdoors? It is the first few fishing experiences that will either hook your kids for life, or send them in search of more interesting activities such as their computer games. Get them hooked, and you'll have fishing buddies for the rest of your life. Follow these steps to insure a successful fishing trip with your kids.

Crab Bullet    Safaris to Adventure, Exploring the Texas Coast for New Fishing Areas: Ever so often I get a wild hair to sneak off to some place that I've never been before. My friends all refer to them as Mike's Safaris to Adventure because they never know what I'm going to get them into.

Crab Bullet    How to Catch Bigger Red Snapper: Increase the odds of catching a bigger snapper to help offset the limits by adjusting your tackle and methods with a few tips.

Crab Bullet    Surf Fishing Primer: Many vacationers come to the Texas Coast to spend quality time with their families and throw in some fishing as well. Most are here without boats to use, and many have limited fishing experience. Surf fishing along the beach front is usually very productive for a variety of fish.

Crab Bullet    Beat the Heat, Night Fishing has it's Advantages: There are circumstances which promote and encourage the hobby of fishing at night and actually provide a more conducive environment for one to be able to enjoy a larger haul and more catches. Night fishing on the coast is a great alternative to beat the summer heat in July and August. It can also be a perfectly miserable experience if you're not prepared.

Crab Bullet    "1-on-1" Technique: Capt. Chris Martin discusses his "1-on-1" technique for catching trout during the months of January through March.

Crab Bullet    February Fishing Tactics for Trophy Trout: You have all probably heard at one time or another that trout move and react much more slowly during colder months of the year.

Crab Bullet    Visualizing Your Trip: Before your next fishing trip, try to visualize your trip before it actually happens

Crab Bullet    How to Shuck an Oyster: Shucking oysters properly takes practice; it requires a proper, sturdy blade and both hands working closely.

Crab Bullet    Frontal Passage Strategies: A pre-frontal scenario so common for this time of the year along our Texas coast: Fishing has been sensational for the past several days, and you could not have asked for better water conditions and tides.

Crab Bullet    Hook Removal: The most common hazard facing anglers is getting too much sun but, one of the most common accidents during fishing season involves hooks.

Crab Bullet    Anchors and Anchoring: Many of us put a lot of stock in how we choose a boat... One thing many people don't consider, however, is the anchor. There are several basic types of anchors that are available for use. Each one is designed for a specific purpose.

Crab Bullet    It's Time to Give Back: Unlike today, coastal fishing back in the late 1800's and the early 1900's was viewed primarily as a means for providing food - people fished in order to eat.

Crab Bullet    Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing: Combining Fun, Fishing and Exercise

Crab Bullet    Drum Fun or Dumb Drum: Some say "it's" fun and some say "it's" dumb. Call it what you want but they are all talking about the annual drum run.

Crab Bullet    Fishing From Bottom to Top: I had made several empty casts along an area shoreline while fishing the other
day, when finally the water boiled underneath my surface plug.

Crab Bullet    A Few Fishing Knots: A fishing knot is nothing more than a connection between the fishing line and a leader, lure, hook, or sinker. Sounds easy enough but, it is a crucial part of being a successful angler.

Crab Bullet    How to Make Bait Tips for Fishing: Simple easy way to make bait tips from shrimp

Crab Bullet    How to Throw a Cast Net: Throwing a cast net is just like learning anything new. It will be a little shaky at first, but with a little practice you'll be throwing that net like a pro every time.

Crab Bullet    Cool Weather Tactics: The area lakes from Pringle down to Panther, and the flats located north of the ICW/VBC are (good bets) for trout and reds.

Crab Bullet    Kayak Fishing - An Angling Alternative: One of the rising trends on the Texas Gulf Coast these days is fishing from kayaks.

Crab Bullet    Crowning the Reef with Topwaters: Anticipations are running high with the approach of cooler months, and varying opportunities shall begin presenting themselves as a result of the milder temperatures. The change in season will also call for a need to develop different strategies in order to accommodate emerging Fall patterns.

Crab Bullet    Cash in on Fall Flounder: There's a little nip in the air from time to time....It's time to gear up and refocus our attention to the fall Flounder run.

Crab Bullet    Take Care of Your Reel...and it Will Take Care of You: Saltwater fishermen have to take better care of their gear than freshwater fishermen. One of the keys to the longevity and faithful service provided by these reels is preventive maintenance.

Crab Bullet    "SeaDrifting" in Winter: Capt. Chris Martin discusses some of his strategies for fishing the Seadrift area during the wintertime.

Crab Bullet    Crabbing, An Adventure for Everyone: Needing an activity that can provide hours of enjoyment for everyone in the entire family? Load up the little ones and head on down to the water for a day of adventure - crabbing.

Crab Bullet    Flats Boat Poling 101: We will not try to give you all the details of poling here, our focus is to help the beginners with the basics to get you poling a skiff effectively enough to catch fish.

Crab Bullet    VHF Marine Radio Usage: You've added a VHF radio to your marine electronics and safety equipment for communications when out on the water. Trouble is, no one has taught you how to use it properly.

Crab Bullet    Winter Structure and Lure Selection: The weather during the months of January, February and Mach, more times than not, often present the biggest challenge in locating wintertime fish. However, the confident angler will overcome wind direction and water clarity as the two largest obstacles when fishing the cold winter months.

Crab Bullet   Trailer Care: Who wants to be told that a trailer needs extensive downtime work when the fishing is fantastic? Taking the time now to get your trailer ready for the season, and performing routine maintenance during the season are just as important for your trailer as they are for your fishing boat.

Crab Bullet    Saltwater Fishing - A Fun Sport For The Whole Family: Looking for a way to bring the while family together? Try saltwater fishing! Saltwater fishing is an activity that everyone, no matter what your age, can enjoy.

Crab Bullet    Information About Fishing Reels: There's a wide variety of reels out there to choose from and there are quite a few manufacturers making them. For those that are thinking of getting into the sport, here's a little help.

Crab Bullet    Winter Luck or Measurable Success: Some folks say that success is simply a result of being lucky. Success, however, seems to take on a much more definitive meaning for most of us over that of luck itself.