Fishing Accessories

Having the right fishing accessory can help you land more fish and every saltwater fishermen should have the essentials. They can also help with unhooking the fish or getting it on the stringer and back in the water quicker. The right fishing accessory can help you take advantage of some of the best fishing moments out there.

Tackle boxes - leave some your fishing lures behind. Make sure they are in neat organized tackle boxes in your garage or closet. (see Fishing tackle)

Tackle Boxes - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Wading boxes - carry the ones you don't leave behind in this box. Bring the fishing lures you think you will need but pare them down and make them fit into something you can carry while you are wadefishing. I have a large small box combination from Hookset that comes with a shoulder strap.

Wading Fishing Gear - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Vests - this is an alternative to the wading box. Especially if you're fishing in shallow water and don't need much stuff. Fly fishermen use these vests a lot.

Fishing Vests - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Fishing nets - it is also called the landing net because of the how useful it is when landing fish. They help you land fish while you're trying to grab them. Fish with tiny sharp teeth can't get away. A double trouble hook on top waters or plugs come in handy when hooking the fish. Nets can come with floats or float themselves. They also can come with coated bags. Buy one that is made to fish in saltwater as they are made tougher and will last longer.

Landing Nets - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Clippers and Scissors - these are handy fishing accessories that help you cut line and change lures faster. Having neat knots with the tag and is clip short will reduce snags.

Fishing Clippers - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Lanyards - with clippers and scissors it's nice to have them hung around your neck.

Lanyards - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Stringers - with a stringer it is important to have a long, thick rope, good float and sharp spike. A sharp spike helps to get through both lips quickly on the fish. There are also floating Styrofoam rings with a mesh bag underneath.

Stringers - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Boga Grips - these are handy for weighing fish and for lipping them once you have them under control. They gripped the fish really well once you clamp the lip.

Boga Grips - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Pliers - this is a very important fishing accessory to have when getting trouble hooks out of a fish. The needle nose variety works the best. Some come with a sheath you can hood on your belt.

Pliers - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Wade belts - the nicer ones are 4 to 6 inches wide, padded and help you carry all your essential gear. It also provides good back support. This also gives you a place to tire stringer and keep your players handy.

Wade Belt - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

In summary the right fishing accessory makes sure you take advantage of the work you put into hooking fish and that brings fish closer to the dinner table.