Saltwater Fishing Gear

When you fish wearing the appropriate clothing and accessories is essential to stay safe and comfortable. The right apparel is a priority unlike fishing gear and baits. Catching fish is mere luck but getting sunburn or catching a cold is regularity. In fact, clothing you wear is the only thing that protects you from raw saltwater conditions. Whether you are fishing in extreme heat or extreme cold, there is comfortable outdoor clothing to protect you from the elements.

Saltwater Fishing Foul-Weather Gear
Rain Jacket, Reef Bibs, Reef Jacket - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Very often fishermen can get soaking wet from salt spray even in good weather, let alone unfavorable weather conditions. So wearing a good set of foul weather gear is a must. The best choice is a set of PVC bibs, boots and rain jacket that will keep you dry and clean all day long. In addition, it is very easy to use and look after just rinse it off and hang it to dry to make it ready for your next fishing adventure.

Saltwater Waders
Saltwater Waders - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

To stay comfortable when fishing in the surf or from a kayak consider purchasing a good pair of saltwater waders (see Surf Fishing). If the water temperature is over 65 degrees, in breathable saltwater waders you will feel as if you were wearing your favorite jeans. If you plan to fish in cold water, opt for a pair of neoprene waders to stay warm. And make sure your saltwater waders have reinforced knees, seat and booties. You may buy boot foot waders which cost less, but keep in mind that they are bulkier and heavier compared to stocking foot waders. Wading boots will protect your feet when you're fishing in warm water.

Sun Protection
Sun Protection for Fishing - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

While fishing you get exposed to the sun. Sunburn is extremely dangerous for the skin as it can cause skin cancer. So make sure you wear sunscreen or protect yourself by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. It would be best if the fabrics have an ultraviolet protection factor of over 40. The latest fabrics not only dry fast but also effectively cool the skin. Make your look complete with a well-ventilated hat with wide brims.

You will also need a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. Consider choosing quality polarized lenses with wraparound frames that will enable you to clearly see the fish. The fishing shades should have a thick frame to prevent light from hitting the eyes. Opt for grey lenses when you fish on a sunny day with clear water, and switch to amber lenses on a cloudy day. For the highest level of protection you may wear light-colored gloves and a face mask.

Cold Weather
Cold Weather Fishing Gear - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

These days modern high-tech fabrics will let you stay warm without much of a bulk. When getting prepared for fishing in cold weather first put on a base layer of breathable fabric and then a mid-layer of breathable fabric with thick loft that will keep warm. Finish with a windproof, waterproof layer.

Keep in mind that the body loses 80 percent of the heat through the head, so you will need a waterproof, windproof hat with thick insulation. Protect your hands with a thin pair of neoprene gloves and make sure you first wear silk-based socks and then thicker insulating socks to keep your feet warm and dry.