Top Fishing TV Shows

Passionate fishermen do not leave their love for fishing on the boat. They surround themselves with elements of fishing all throughout the day, everyday. Including fishing television during their down time. There are several fishing shows available for the avid fisherman to enjoy, but how do you know which shows are the best shows? While numerous shows exemplify the proper fishing form along with tips and tricks of the trade, others showcase series discovering the strongest and wildest fish found worldwide. These shows allow you to sneak a peek at the adventurous and explorative sides of sportsfishing. Check out the top five fishing shows that exhibit the funnest and most fearless pursuits ever performed in the world of fishing.

1. The Ultimate Fishing Show with Matt Watson

Shot from The Ultimate Fishing TV Show - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

ITM otherwise known as The Ultimate Fishing Show is New Zealand's extreme sport fishing program with host and stunt fisherman Matt Watson. Matt Watson earned his title as the Gannet man for his crazy brave stunt of catching a Marlin barehanded after jumping out of a helicopter. Matt began ITM on his own low budget so that he could bring awareness to the wild and fun side of game fishing to the general public. Matt’s show now airs on large broadcast channels such as Discovery and Animal Planet.

2. Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Shot from Extreme Fishing with Robson Green TV Show - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Channel 5's Extreme Fishing with Robson Green travels world wide in search of premium destinations for sport fishing. Robson is a true fishing finatic in the sense that he will go through great lengths to make sure that no fishing destination is left unexplored. His goal is the same every time - to catch the biggest and best fish species available. He has recently launched a spin-off series titled, Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge be sure to check it out.

3. World Fishing Network

Shot from World Fishing Network TV Show - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

WFN or The World Fishing Network is a specialty channel that televises programs which are specifically associated with fishing or sport fishing. WFN brings everything fishing to the comfort of your very own home. Not only does the channel supply you with numerous fishing series but it also provides exclusive video footage of wild marine life.

4. Wicked Tuna

Shot from Wicked Tuna TV Show - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

The Wicked Tuna series follows a group of brave Tuna Fishermen who travel from Massachusetts to the deep-sea waters to fight the elements and catch the wild Bluefin Tuna. This National Geographic show highlights the the many obstacles the fishermen have to overcome whether it be from the sea or from themselves. To give you a sense of how hard catching Bluefin Tuna can be, just imagine trying to capture a fish that can swim over 40 mph and weigh up to two thousand pounds. You will not be able to peel your eyes away from watching the tough men reel in these ginormous tuna solely utilizing an industrial strength rod and reel.

5. Addictive Fishing

Shot from Addictive Fishing TV Show - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Professional fishing guide Captain Blair Wiggins hosts Addictive Fishing with director Kevin McCabe and together they have created a series that features Blair traveling world wide in search of rare species of game fish. The series truly embodies how fun it is to get out there and go fishing. Blair's energy combined with Kevin's direction makes for a perfect television duo that will have you stuck to your seat enthralled in the thirty minute Addictive Fishing show.