Top Saltwater Fishing Locations

Discover One of The Six Premium Locations for Saltwater Fishing in Galveston, Texas

The next time you plan to travel to the big state of Texas for fishing, make sure to check out one of these amazing saltwater fishing locations in Galveston. Numerous fisherman regard Galveston as one of the top premium locations for saltwater fishing within Texas. From the wonderful beaches to the breathtaking bay reefs, flats, and jetties that host a bountiful array of game species, such as shark, cobia, and flounder there is sure to be a fishing spot to meet your expectations. If you want to truly experience premium saltwater fishing, than Galveston is the place for you.

Rollover Pass
Rollover Pass - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Locals frequent this saltwater fishing spot which means it must be a premium location for fishing. Built in 1956, Rollover Pass was created to better the opportunities to fish within the Galveston Bay. Several species of game fish can be found at this location but Flounder is the locations specialty. Rollover Pass is actually Texas's number one location for Flounder fishing.

Galveston Fishing Pier
The Galveston Fishing Pier - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

The Galveston Fishing Pier is an extremely popular spot among tourists and locals alike (see Texas Coast Family Fun). Fisherman tend to find a wide variety of catchable game fish off of the pier. For example you can find, drum, bull shark, blacktip shark, crevalle jack, croaker, blue runner, king mackerel, flounder, redfish, gaftop, red snapper, king fish, and sea trout from the pier alone. However, donít forget your wallet at home because it will cost you ten dollars to fish off of the Galveston Fishing Pier.

East Bay
Galveston East Bay - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

East Galveston Bay is known for the copious amounts of redfish and seatrout. The best spots to stop and pull out your rod and reel are the bayís abundant reefs and flats, such as Copper Grove Reef, Hannaís Reef, Cow Shed Reef, Northwest Flats, Elmgrove Flats, Robinson Flats, Fat Rat Flats, West Bolivar Flats, as well as Smith Point.

Eagle Point Marina
Eagle Point Marina - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Galveston Bayís west end is home to a little fishing location known as the Eagle Point Marina. The Marina located in San Leon is Texasís oldest harbor. However old the marina may be, it is home to the largest fishing reef in the bay area. For more than eighty years fishermen have relished frequenting this historic location.

61 St. Fishing Pier
61 St. Fishing Pier - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

The 61 St. Fishing Pier is visited by thousands every year. While the pier does charge you to fish, it has numerous tackle and bait shops where you can find every piece of fishing equipment available that one may want or need for purchase or hourly rental (see Fishing Accessories). The best part of the 61 St. Fishing Pier is that it is open twenty four seven. Hours can change depending upon weather conditions. (see more about fishing packages provided by Galveston's 61 St. Fishing Pier)

Pelican Island
Pelican Island - Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

Besides Pelican Island wonderful sandy flats, it is also known for its exceptional fishing spots. Not to mention, throughout Spring and Autumn Pelican Island is booming with flounder, trout, and redfish.